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If your current conservatory roof has started to show its age, or it simply isn’t performing to the expected standards any more, BSA Nottingham Ltd supplies and fits replacements of every kind. The technology behind conservatory roofs has improved drastically in recent years following a relaxation of Building Regulations in 2010. Before then, conservatory roofs needed to be 75% translucent. As a result of this, the range of choices available to homeowners was limited. Following the change, however, our clients have benefited from new roofs that not only look aesthetically appealing, but also deliver fantastic results when it comes to thermal efficiency.


We provide new conservatory roofs to locations within a 20-mile radius of our base in Long Eaton, including Nottingham, Derby and Leicester. No matter what style of conservatory you currently have, be it Georgian, Victorian, lean-to, gable or an orangery, we have the ideal roof to match.


Our conservatory roofs include, but aren’t limited to:


• Tiled

• Glass

• Polycarbonate


These styles cover the majority of our roof replacement projects, but we have the ability to cater our service to suit any other need, including the installation of roof lanterns.


To talk over options for your particular conservatory, please contact us.

Roof Lanterns in Nottingham
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A Closer Look at Our Conservatory Roofs



This style has the potential to truly transform the way you use your existing conservatory. First and foremost, tiled conservatory roofs minimise the temperature fluctuations that so often make conservatories unusable. Whether its stifling in the summer or freezing in the winter, our selection of tiled designs come with increased insultation for optimal temperature control. Not only does this make conservatories in Nottingham, Derby and the neighbouring areas a practical living space year-round, it also helps to lower energy bills.


Naturally, with a solid roof comes a reduction in the amount of natural light entering the conservatory. For some, this creates an additional sense of cosiness, comfort and privacy. For those who feel they might miss this amount of light, we can incorporate roof lanterns or skylights into the design where possible.


While the tiles used have a lightweight quality, we also need to ensure that any existing conservatory structure has the strength to support the additional weight. We also ensure the tiles on these conservatory roofs match those used on the existing roof of the house for a seamless addition. What’s more, the interior ceiling can be plastered and decorated to suit your current design scheme as well.



Glass conservatory roofs remain a highly popular choice, primarily because of how much natural light they allow to flood in. Advances in glazing technology have added even more benefits to this design option. The glass in these conservatory roofs is now more thermally efficient than it has ever been, ensuring that homeowners in Nottingham, Derby and the surrounding areas can properly regulate the temperature in the room below. With a selection of thicknesses and U-values available, we fit glass roofs that meet any performance requirement.


In addition, certain types of glazing come with a special coating to further enhance performance. For example, tinted varieties reduce the intensity and glare of the sun’s rays while the coating on self-cleaning glass reacts with UV light to help break down grime and dirt, thus minimising the need for maintenance work.




While polycarbonate conservatory roofs may not boast the same levels of insulation as glass and tiled options, they perform admirably while ticking many other boxes that appeal to homeowners. Of particular importance, polycarbonate conservatory roofs allow in a great deal of natural, they require little-to-no maintenance and they offer a cost-effective solution that fits practically any budget. What’s more, with a range of thicknesses, U-values and colours, they can also be customised to fit most stylistic tastes.


To complement our conservatory roofs, BSA Nottingham provides a complete service for new conservatories and orangeries.

If you’re searching options for replacement conservatory roofs in Nottingham, Derby or any surrounding location, call 07748 905168.

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Roof Lanterns in Nottingham
Roof Lanterns in Derby
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Roof Lanterns in Nottingham
Roof Lanterns in Derby