Stylish Roof Lanterns in Nottingham, Derby & the Surrounding Areas

BSA Nottingham Ltd offers a complete supply-and-fit service for elegant roof lanterns in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and the neighbouring areas. Whether in Nottingham or Derby themselves, or any other location within a 20-mile radius of our base in Long Eaton, our installations of this design feature deliver an instant touch of luxury and character. As a customisable, made-to-measure product, we fit roof lanterns to suit structures of any kind, including house extensions, orangeries and conservatories.


As a team of highly skilled professionals, we work with 25 years of combined trade and industry experience as well as membership with the Federation of Master Builders. With our shared knowledge and independently assessed methods and results, we offer the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to workmanship.

Orangeries in Nottingham

Aesthetics & Performance


As with any worthwhile design feature, roof lanterns not only look visually stunning, they also offer outstanding performance in regard to natural light flow and thermal efficiency.


Roof lanterns come in an array of styles to suit any existing property. Available in uPVC or aluminium, these include square, rectangular, octagonal, pyramid and traditional double hipped, making them a seamless fit for any living space, from extensions in Nottingham to orangeries in Derby.


What’s more, after selecting their style, our clients have a range of colours and finishes to choose from to further perfect their installation. Shades come in any kind of RAL colour with additional woodgrain effects and shades where needed.


When it comes to energy efficiency, we fit roof lanterns with a choice of glazing options that optimise the retention of warmth in the room below. As with our conservatory roofs, we can fit roof lanterns with self-cleaning glass that utilises rainwater and UV light to remove dirt and grime as well as tinted coatings that reflect away up to 78% of the sun’s heat.


However, the prime reason behind the impressive heat retention is an argon-filled cavity within the glazing that creates a barrier that heat cannot pass through. This proves invaluable during the winter months, as it doesn’t cost a fortune to heat up lounges, extensions, conservatories or orangeries as barely any of the heat is lost.


As most property owners install roof lanterns in rooms that get regular use, we also factor in ventilation requirements too. In the most cases, our team usually integrates one of the following:


• Trickle Vents

• Top-Hung Opening Sashes

• Opening Skylights


We recommend the appropriate option depending on the circumstances at specific properties. Opening sashes and skylights come in manual and electric forms.


If you’d like to schedule a consultation regarding roof lanterns at your home, please contact us. We travel to locations in Nottingham, Derby and the neighbouring areas

Health Benefits Linked to Roof Lanterns


In addition to aesthetic and energy efficient advantages, roof lanterns also improve the mood and mental health of the people living or working beneath them. Rooms with a gloomy feel or lack of sunlight tend to sap enthusiasm and need to be lit artificially, something which further worsens the feel of the environment.


Due to their position, roof lanterns allow in copious amount of natural light throughout the day, resulting in less reliance on artificial lighting. There’s also the appeal of being able to look up and see the sky at any time. Whether it’s at sunrise over breakfast or watching dusk fall over dinner or a glass of wine, there’s a comforting sense that nature is never too far away.


From dining rooms to orangeries, roof lanterns lift the mood of any living space with effortless style.

For roof lanterns in Nottingham, Derby or the surrounding areas with a swift and simple installation, call us on 07748 905168.

BSA Nottingham Ltd
Orangeries in Nottingham
BSA Nottingham Ltd
Orangeries in Nottingham